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Portsmouth is located in Rockingham County in the south east of New Hampshire at the mouth of the Piscataqua River. The river marks the border between New Hampshire and Maine. Portsmouth lies at the center of a vibrant and beautiful metropolitan area that includes the cities of Dover and Rochester, N.H., and many towns – Exeter, Hampton, Greenland, Stratham, Newington, and Rye, N.H.; Kittery, Eliot, South Berwick and York, Maine; and others. 

The river was named by the area’s original American Indian inhabitants of the Abenaki tribe. It is thought that the name derives from 'peske' and 'tegwe' meaning branch and a river with a strong, possibly tidal, current. Portsmouth claims to be the nation's third oldest city with the first settlers arriving in 1623. The settlers built a fishing settlement at the river’s mouth which grew into a bustling colonial port.

Portsmouth’s strategic location on the river optimised opportunities for trade with upstream industries and trade interests abroad. Although actually located in Kittery, MN, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard has played an important role in the city’s economic growth since its establishment in the 1790s.

Portsmouth proudly remains a working port today and it has also become a popular destination due to its historic past and its wide selection of restaurants and bars, attractions and shopping opportunities. 

We would like to share Portsmouth with you. We hope that the links and information will give you a taste of work and life in Portsmouth.

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