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Our range of products; from the newest equipment to spares for the oldest equipment. 


The majority of our clients operate in  time critical environments; be it an aid agency dealing with a humanitarian disaster or an oil company minimising costly downtime. As such, it is essential that we provide a rapid, accurate and reliable service at all times.

Our personnel’s experiences of working in such environments ensure that we understand the importance of delivering the correct products in the fastest time possible.


Long standing and good relations with manufacturers and their distributors ensure that we receive the most  competitive pricing and optimum levels of service.

We offer a complete range of shipping services to all destinations via road freight, air freight and sea freight.  We have extensive experience of shipping dangerous goods.


Every function is process led and subject to our internal Quality Control systems. Continual  auditing ensures that standards are maintained and any issues which do arise are addressed expeditiously.


Our Marine Insurance Policy is underwritten  by Lloyds of London and provides comprehensive cover by all modes of transportation for all materials  to the vast majority of destinations worldwide.


Materials are packed appropriately to conform with applicable international and regulatory standards and to withstand in transit handling to ensure safe arrival.

Extensive pre and after-sales technical support is provided to our clients. Our company  ethos is that effective and prompt ongoing support maximises customer satisfaction.



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General Industrial Supply

Our origins lie in supply to the oil and gas industries. Our  disciplines and processes were developed and honed in this environment where downtime equals lost revenue. These skills have proved highly transferable to other sectors.

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Aid Agencies

Many of our NGO clients operate in remote and often dangerous locations. We currently export to NGOs in more than 60 worldwide locations. We possess the necessary  knowhow and means  to deliver to these destinations.


Richardson International is proud to operate on a truly worldwide scale, often supplying to some of the most inaccessible and inhospitable locations on Earth. 


We understand the specific requirements of supplying to remote regions; the importance of getting it right, first time, every time.


We work with our  logistics partners, all of whom are leaders in their respective fields, to ensure safe and expeditious delivery.

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